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In addition to program preparation such as topic selection, research, interview preparation and conducting, being able to successfully moderate a program also requires strong self-confidence.

The Kids Radio Project saw its task not only as introducing children and young people to the design of a radio program, but also in building them up with self-confidence so that they can speak freely at the microphone and interact with the interview partner.

The interactions not only took place in the studio, passers-by were also interviewed by the program participants on various child-related topics on the street. Even though there was a certain amount of shyness at the beginning, the kids soon took charge themselves and surprised the project managers with their positive commitment.

Around 10 children and young people took part in the courses every week, with the big conclusion being crowned with their own live broadcast.

The pilot project would be funded by Aktion Mensch und Freiräume, TopAfric is still looking for sponsors to be able to continue the project. Lukulule was a great support for the project.

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