We Are A non-profit organization

We are a dedicated and passionate non-profit organization that strives to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities. TopAfric is committed to delivering excellence through our programs, initiatives, and services, with a focus on creating meaningful change and promoting awareness. At our core, we value inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration, and we believe in empowering individuals to create tangible solutions to the challenges facing our world.

About TopAfric

Welcome to the website of the association TopAfric eV We are an association that sees itself as a point of contact for educational issues for children and young people of African descent. Through our numerous projects, we accompany young people on their educational paths and support their families. We understand education as a holistic task for society as a whole. It is not only about mastering the big and small 1×1 and filling and submitting certain applications in the right place, but also about a comprehensive understanding of the self. This also includes showing opportunities to get involved and get involved in a positive way.

If you have any questions about our association work, you can reach us via the contact form. Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming you to the African Youth Education Awards (AYE Awards), which we organize every year.

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We Provide Best Activites

AYE Awards

Clubs in Germany give you the opportunity to discover your weaknesses and build on your strengths as early as childhood and adolescence.


The Kids Radio project sees its task not only in bringing children and young people closer to the creation of a radio program, but also in building them up with self-confidence


Some stories or experiences cannot be forgotten to this day. The need to write down a story, idea or feeling is very important for human beings.