The need to write "Writing makes you strong"

Burgeoning emotions that need to be expressed immediately are an indescribable feeling that can actually be described. But the feeling “I have to write” comes up again and again. Writing is an outlet to vent these feelings and moods.

Some stories or experiences cannot be forgotten to this day. The experiences that some people have had on their way to finding a better life in Europe are also diverse. But children with a migration background also have the need and would like to write.

Current Situation

Unfortunately, these people either don’t have the opportunities, don’t have the courage, or their current life situation doesn’t offer them a platform.

The need to write down a story, idea or feelings is very important for people. But it is therefore urgently necessary that bad things and cruel fates or even beautiful things are put on paper or even into a work. The loss of a loved one, abuse, serious accidents, etc. stays with a person forever. Scientists have recognized that the effectiveness of writing can lead to mental health.